What Does Hypoallergenic Really Mean?

What Does Hypoallergenic Really Mean?

You’ve seen this word around, heard it spoken, seen it on labels, but what does hypoallergenic really mean?


Hypoallergenic products are products that are less likely to trigger or cause allergic reactions. Brands label such products as hypoallergenic to claim that the ingredients used to formulate the product are gentle or suitable for sensitive skin.Hypoallergeenic Organic Skin Care Lotion Castile Soap Unscented Yein&Young

Hypoallergenic means that the ingredients used in the formulation of skincare products are not known to trigger any negative reaction.


To claim hypoallergenic, each product would need to undergo a series of laboratory testing. In the case of Yein&Young, our skin care and hair care products underwent 21 days of controlled international laboratory tests. Our products were applied on normal to sensitive skin test subjects to ensure positive response before claiming its hypoallergenic status.


Even the words ‘Suitable for Sensitive Skin’ or 'Mild and gentle' cannot be claimed lightly without supporting tests results. For our lab reports, please check out the product page.

Hypoallergeenic Organic Skin Care Lotion Castile Soap Unscented Yein&Young Natural Skin Care Ingredients Asian Skin Malaysia

Why is claiming ‘hypoallergenic’ important? Brands use this term to share the promise of not using certain ingredients that are known to be the most common allergens when creating their products.


This doesn't mean the product is free from ingredients that could possibly be skin-irritating for you. On the contrary, the 'hypoallergenic' claim just means that the product does not contain certain commonly known skin-irritants.


Choosing hypoallergenic guarantees that we are aware and concerned about addressing sensitive skin issues by consciously handpicking high-quality allergenic-free ingredients. The commitment is to consciously create all-natural, allergen-free, gentle products that will be suitable for anyone with or without skin issues.

Hypoallergeenic Organic Skin Care Lotion Castile Soap Unscented Yein&Young Natural Skin Care Ingredients

Yein&Young offers hypoallergenic products for complete and worry-free absorption into the skin. Our handpicked ingredients and careful formulation won't  only prevent you from an allergic reaction but also ensure you the support of glowing and healthy skin and hair.

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