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What Our Customers Say

Absolutely loved loved this! After my first wash, I could feel my hair is squeaky clean and moisturised with all the right nourishing ingredients for my hair and scalp! Loved the versatility of this range to add in my favourite essential oil!

Michy Yeo

Been using their organic lotion for my 4yo daughter and it helped her eczema so much that its non existent anymore. You can't imagine the relief....Love it!! The biggest thank you for this Yein&Young.

Sue Lyn Koay

I am absolutely in love with this lotion. It's so pure and close to my natural skin that I feel it so easily absorbed into my skin, hence it doesn't feel sticky at all. The essential oil guidance and instruction option also makes it really flexible to tailor to my own needs and liking. My favourite now is to add lavender for my body and frankincense for my face.

Michy Yeo

Thank you so much for this very helpful lotion. Skin irritating most covered! Some maybe allergic to hospital gloves+handrub (those frontliners). This is really helpful for you. Everything just organic! And moreover, help me for massage every night using this Thanks love


I love the washing feeling of the castile soap, very good.

Jenna Tan

Excellent delivery - very fast. Packaging is good. No breakage/leakage. Will start making my own face/body product with essential oil.


Going to try later & make my own hand wash, body wash & face wash! If good, will repurchase! Good packaging!


Fast delivery and the packaging was really nice. I add my preferred eo to the castile liquid soap and smell so good.


I have not been using body wash for sometime as it triggers my eczema to flare-up. Recently I started using the Organic Liquid Castile Soap (3 times a week)and amazingly, it did not trigger any flaring. 2 thumps Up for this product!!

Jenjen Jen

I have been using y&y organic liquid soap and lotion for about 3 months for my dry skin and I find it immensely moisturises and hydrates my skin. Now I m using them for my face night and day

Leong Ammy

ok but this lotion from @yeinyoung has been a lifesaver!!! my skin's super dry and sensitive (esp my legs and esp AFTER waxing) and this moisturises and soothes like no other (and it's not sticky!!!)
(sometimes I even use it on my face)

Thia A

Just got [Organic Castile Liquid Soap] few days ago and i have been using it for my facial and body wash. Love it so much :) My skin doesnt feel dry after using this product. Highly recommended :)

Mary M.

Adding lemongrass essential oil to it and I'm loving how the lotion keeps my skin moisturized and how my scrapes are healing quicker with minimal marks left behind (it normally takes months for the marks to fade away but they're fading even quicker now!). The best part is that the lotion isn't sticky and absorbs quickly into my skin!


I used yein n young castile soap as handwash for 2 weeks. The magic part is i have scar on my hand because of knife cut and the scar slowly faded after I used the soap. Thanks for the product, it's really made my day


After using both Cetaphil Face Wash and Yein&Young Organic Castile Soap, I find Yein&Young more gentle on my skin and I notice my scars heals faster.


I bought [Organic Lotion] for my 86 year old mother. She loves it... very soft and a great moisturiser for her skin.

Sharifah T.

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