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From a selective list of premium organic ingredients,

we have created a holistic natural product for

total wellness and peace of mind.

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Tested & Trusted

Clinical laboratory tests were conducted to ensure all claims below are true and genuine.

Certified Hypoallergenic

Certified Mild & Gentle

Suitable for Sensitive Skin

Halal Certified

Less but better

Color-free, no synthetic chemicals, no perfume, no posh pretense

A scent that is uniquely you

Handpick your scent of choice and we will custom-blend it for you with pure therapeutic essential oils

100% Biodegradable

What’s good for your skin is good for the environment

Customers Review

Organic Liquid Castile Soap

Yein & Young Organic Liquid Castile Soap is great for face and body use, It cleanses oily skin without drying out my skin, and delivered in 100% recyclable, compostable material!"

Jerral K

Organic Lotion

"Organic Lotion is lightweight and absorbs easily into the skin. Good quality!"

Alicia C

Essential Oils

"Very nice essential oil, have try it with the bath room, My girl said the fragrance stay on her body for more than a day, she very happy!"

Denise Ng

Organic Lotion

Been using their organic lotion for my 4yo daughter and it helped her eczema so much that its non existent anymore. You can't imagine the relief....Love it!! The biggest thank you for this Yein&Young.

Sue Lyn Koaq

Essential oil

Absolutely loved loved this! After my first wash, I could feel my hair is squeaky clean and moisturised with all the right nourishing ingredients for my hair and scalp! Loved the versatility of this range to add in my favourite essential oil!

Michy Yeo

Essential oil

Adding lemongrass essential oil to it and I'm loving how the lotion keeps my skin moisturized and how my scrapes are healing quicker with minimal marks left behind (it normally takes months for the marks to fade away but they're fading even quicker now!). The best part is that the lotion isn't sticky and absorbs quickly into my skin!


Organic Liquid Castile Soap

I have not been using body wash for sometime as it triggers my eczema to flare-up. Recently I started using the Organic Liquid Castile Soap (3 times a week)and amazingly, it did not trigger any flaring. 2 thumps Up for this product!!

Jenjen Jen

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