The Beauty of Unscented

The Beauty of Unscented

by Craftiviti Admin on Feb 24, 2022

Fragrance-free and unscented products hit the market a few years ago and have started gaining popularity since. 
While fragranced products still dominate a good part of the market, up until recently the trend seems to be heading to more natural unscented options as skin issues become more prevalent.
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How Fragrance-Free Products Are Better For Your Skin
The term 'Fragrance-free’ or ‘Unscented’ implies a product is formulated with no added fragrance chemicals. However, it can have a scent of its own from the other ingredients used in the product. 
For example, our Yein&Young Liquid Castile Soap has the fleeting scent of coconuts and olive oil lending from the natural organic oils used in the formulation. 
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Why Fragrances Get a Bad Reputation
Added fragrances and parfum are known as one of the main causes of skin allergies and sensitive reactions. Artificial scents can also worsen existing skin issues.
This negative reaction can happen at any stage and is relevant to all skin types, not just those with acne-prone or sensitive skin. 
Using products that have been heavily scented or have the slightest amount of added fragrances may cause issues such as contact dermatitis, an itchy rash that may appear red, as well as other skin conditions such as acne breakouts, dryness or flaking skin. 
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Fragrancing Products with Natural Essential Oils
Essential oils are the cult oils of today. For those shunning synthetic fragrances, essential oils are the natural option. However, these oils should always be used with care. Because these oils are distilled from natural plants and flowers, they tend to carry therapeutic and medicinal benefits that can either heal or irritate skin. So always use products with essential oil with caution especially on babies. 
Since Yein&Young helps you custom scent your personal care products with up to 3 essential oils of your liking, if what is said about essential oils here concerns you, stick to lavender. Lavender Oil is one of the gentlest oils available and is safe to use for all ages. 
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Why Unscented
Between synthetic fragranced products and products scented with essential oil, there is a third option. Unscented products remain neutral between the two with lower skin irritation properties. 
So if you have a history of skin allergies or would like to stay clear from future problems, unscented fragrance free products are the best options for you. 
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How to Strike a Balance and Smell Nice Too
If you can’t do without fragrance, you can always reduce the usage of certain products. For example, choose unscented for your wash off products such as your soaps, shampoo and conditioners. They will be washed down the drain anyway! Then use scented lotion and hair serum to fragrance your after-bath-routine or just spritz on perfume. This way you get to reduce the allergen load on your skin and scalp but still get to enjoy fragrance after. 

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