Why Castile Soap Is The Soap Of Choice Today 

Why Castile Soap Is The Soap Of Choice Today 

Castile soap has become the go-to in many households today. 

This soap comes in liquid or bar form and is traditionally made from 100% plant oils. Those who swear by Castile soap believe it is the cleaner (and more organic) choice. 

Castile soaps in Italy where the original recipe is derived from is made from pure olive oil, however in other regions, castile soap can be incorporated with other local oils using the same recipe. 

Here, Yein&Young uses certified organic virgin coconut oil, certified organic Extra Virgin Olive oil to formulate this liquid golden wash.

Why people love it

Castile soap is the perfect choice of soap if you prefer vegan and gentle soap that is free from nasty chemicals. With a complete plant oil base formulation, castile soaps are 100% biodegradable. All-in-all, better for the environment too. 

This natural soap is gentle and does not contain harsh detergents, so it is safe to be used on babies and kids. In fact the latest news is that pet owners are turning to natural castile soap as the bathing liquid of choice for their pets as an effective worry-free option.  

Castile soap isn’t only used for skin or hair care, but can also be used as a cleaning base even in household cleaning. However, remember not to combine Castile soap with other cleaning products that are acidic. The combination of acidity and alkaline Castile soap can cancel each other out and the reaction of both chemicals can leave a white residue on surfaces. 

Why You Should Switch To Castile Soap

When using Castile soap for our body or hair, it can be the easiest and best choice of soap to look for. We have been exposing and drowning our skin, hair, and the environment with harmful chemicals, fragrances, and irritants. It is time to rest our skin. 

We believe that you don’t need to be dealing with skin issues or sensitivity to make the switch to a better soap option. After years of being exposed to artificial or harsh ingredients, it can be almost empowering to put in more thought and care in the products you choose to expose yourself to. 

For those struggling with eczema, dry skin, or sensitive skin, castile soap can be the better choice compared to commercial soaps. 

Choosing to use Castile soap will leave your skin clean and hydrated, less irritated, and also leave the environment with lesser impact. No wonder it is the go-to choice for the discerning. 

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