The Double Wash Method And Why You Need It Too

The Double Wash Method And Why You Need It Too

It seems that ‘double-cleansing’ in skincare is something that skincare enthusiasts, make-up artists, and dermatologists have come to swear by. But not a lot of people have heard of a similar regime in hair care: the double-wash method. 

The double cleanse method is where we cleanse twice. Like in skincare, the double wash method for hair is recommended by hair experts. It is the best way of getting rid of excess dirt and oil, especially that which has built up on your scalp. 

Double wash is a great way of removing all the hair spray, waxes, and added product applied to the surface of your hair and scalp everyday.

While some people resort to using highly clarifying shampoos, double washing helps to detoxify and thoroughly cleanse hair in a gentler way.

Clarifying shampoos can be harsh and stripping while simply double washing can leave your hair looking and feeling cleaner. Besides this, it prolongs the time where you have to wash your hair again. 

Organic Shampoo Double Wash

If you have tried our Yein&Young Organic Shampoo, you may have noticed that it has low suds during the first wash. This is because it cleanses the surface dirt and oil. However, if you go in for a second round, there will be more lather. This second wash then deep cleanses the scalp. 

All Yein&Young products are made to be gentle and safe as well as sulfate free. That is why we have the perfect shampoo for double-cleansing. We do not believe in stripping your scalp  or using harsh ingredients. Just a gentle cleanse for overall scalp and hair care. 

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